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The Health Benefits of Swimming

Thinking of exercising? Well, swimming may not be particularly the first activity to come to mind but you will be surprised that it is a healthy, low-cost activity that is highly beneficial for you. What you need to know is that swimming entails all-around body movement against the resistance of water deeming it a great workout for people of all ages. The health benefits of swimming go just beyond keeping your body healthy. It is also a way of recreation.

Swimming has found its way as a popular exercise Swimming 02activity as it is an almost ideal activity to keep you in shape. Further, if you do not find swimming interesting, or you are yet to master the concepts of swimming fully, there are other fun activities that you can do in the water. Check out the benefits of swimming below:

Improves heart function

Often, moving around in water involves striking a balance of movement and air. You must be able to move while gasping for breath at regular intervals. In the process, this exercise improves the heart function and increases your lung capacity. What makes swimming a top choice activity is the fact that it is gentle on all muscles and joints.

Controls blood pressure

Swimming is not only beneficial with regard to blood pressure control, but also with blood sugar control. Swimming, just like cycling, is an aerobic exercise. If it is regularly done, it will go a long way to building muscles. Instead of blood sugars being deposited in the blood vessels, they are converted into a form that the muscles can utilize to provide energy for the body.

Weight loss

Swimming 01Exercising in water is thought to burn a lot of calories (depending on the intensity). So, for those who are thinking of an exercise to help in losing weight, you might want to add swimming to your routine exercises. An outstanding benefit of swimming is that unlike other physical activities, that are strenuous and make you sweat, you get to enjoy the coolness and the calmness of the water. The heat that is dissipated by the body and sweat that comes along isn’t there in swimming.

If you look carefully at swimmers, you will discover that they have very flexible bodies. The reason for this is that exercising on water involves the movement of almost the entire body. The health benefits of swimming can be enjoyed by all people including cyclists and runners among other people as it helps cross train all the body muscles. If you do not know how to swim, a little determination and the right trainer is all you need to get started. Soon enough, you will be enjoying these benefits.