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The Future of Magazine Blog Layouts

All major specialty and trade magazines have a significant presence online.  Many still print online editorials that provide a cheaper medium that publishes content. The future of online blogging has moved the public towards certain magazine trends. This makes it difficult to differentiate between a blog and a magazine.

Many digital marketing designers are experienced to develop business strategies like optimization of sales, the use of blogging, and magazine designing. Aside from an online access, you can also approach any of the marketing designers in your local places. If you happen to live near New Orleans and Louisiana, you can hire a digital marketing specialist or reach the site like the  Infintechdesigns.com – New Orleans SEO which has outlined different web designs for your business. This site will also give you a free consultation service  for you to choose the right SEO and web designs solutions to your business. Today, online magazines and blogs are almost indistinguishable. The only way to differentiate is by looking at the design that the website has adopted.

magazine blog design

Featured stories

The homepage of magazines should have special post widgets. This is the perfect way of distinguishing a blog from the others. Also, the widgets give the magazines a professional look. The widgets have thumbnail images for posts and are organized in a carousel or grid. The carousel may be large and rotating or simply a fixed grid of varied thumbnail sizes. The more the creativity applied, the better the look. The best articles draw the full attention of their users. They contain beautifully displayed images that span through their entire page. This is the perfect way of demonstrating how featured stories can best be organized.

The widgets are organized across the entire screen and are used by different thumbnails to post on different sizes. There may be large stories that draw a great deal of users’ attention. As you hover the homepage of the magazine, you will discover smaller thumbnail widgets. They are fully responsive, ensuring mobile users easily access the featured posts. The different designs specifically showcase the stories that are most popular, attracting attention to those parts. Other featured stories bring about carousels that vary according to the story. Carousels are widely known for their usability as well as the attention they draw.

magazine blog template

Tagged headlines

This is common in print magazines and newspapers. Today, it is quickly becoming a common sight on the internet. Most publishers prefer to write headlines that are accompanied by taglines which contain additional information regarding the stories. Taglines bring out more details from a story. They exert readers deeper into an article. More sites today are adopting the tagline when on their new content. You can conduct your independent check online, and you notice most blogs have the tagline on their articles.

Links from related content

The large magazines today have thousands of posts which display new content. With these new links, it is much easier to interlink your articles together. Additionally, this remains a suitable way of driving the readers into reading more articles on your website. The links should be relevant to the topic displayed on the page. Alternatively, it can be a product release or a significant event that is coming soon. If you are unable to add multiple links, you can add related links which will show up sporadically.

Fixed scroll sidebars

You remain at liberty to use a fixed navigation bar on the design of your blogs and magazines. A new growing trend has emerged that will add fixed sidebars alongside the main content displayed on your websites. This ensures that the content fixed on the sides of your articles allow the readers to scroll down carefully.