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Features Of Stomach Pillows

Stomach pillows have changed human life a great deal. They have enhanced sleep, and now people can sleep peacefully and adequately. The pads come in unique and different designs compared to the traditional, conventional pillows. They have been modified with the following features to serve purposefully and satisfactorily. These features include;


Adjustable height

Even pillows can now be adjusted to a height and size of choice!kjjkjjkkjjkjkmmmnn Pancake pillows have come in style. They consist of several thin pads which can be selected, by the number of choices for a comfortable night. These pillows have been made of a unique material which compresses easily and noticeably when used. This feature is crucial in stomach pillows for stomach sleepers.

Ultra slim

The stomach pillows are gaunt in size. This feature is paramount in enhancing the comfortability of the stomach sleeper. The pads are usually 2 to 3 inches thick. This is convenient for the sleeper and ensures the sleeper does not strain or left hanging because of the height of the pillow.

Extra soft

These pillows are made using very fine materials. The pillows are so soft to enhance the comfort of the sleeper. The soft pillows will give you the five-star feeling that any humans will wish for every night! The materials used in making these pillows are different. Some contain feathers, some cotton while some use the memory foams. The inner material or content is then lined or enclosed in another very fine fabric.


The pillows also have the ability to regulate the temperature! This feature makes them remain cool and fresh throughout the night. This feature is standard with the pillows made from the memory foam material. This material is highly perforated. The porosity helps facilitate air flow in the material thus cooling it.

Anti-dust and antifungal

Stomach pillows are currently coming with fascinating features. Materials that have anti-dust and anti-fungal properties are being used in making the pillows. You can now sleep on the pillows comfortably without the worry of conducting diseases from the pillow since they disinfect themselves.


hhjhnbvxzStomach pillows are made of very durable materials. Unlike the conventional pillows which are made of materials that wear easily, stomach pillows are meant to serve for a long time.

It’s these features that make the stomach pillows unique. It is, therefore, vital to put all the above features into consideration while choosing the best belly pillow to buy. A good combination of some of this feature may just give you that five-star feeling that you have wished for!