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Birthday Celebration In Bangalore – Best Places To Try

Birthdays are exciting and special days for everybody. What is not so much exciting is finding that perfect spot to surprise your kid with. Here is a list of places in Bangalore where children can have an enjoyable birthday. They are sure to make children happy, and you stress-free and happier.

Birthday places

Martin Farm

Spread over three acres of greenery; Martin Farhnb35edr5t262y72i2m makes your child go “Old Martin (McDonald?) had a farm”. With pigs, horses, donkey, rabbits, emu, rabbits as well as a variety of birds they can feed, kids are very much unlikely to forget this amazing firm soon and will dream to visit again and again. Martin Firm’s happy factors include friendly animals and an open green space where adults can relax as the children have their fun.


Quirky wall pictures, colorful chairs, open space as well as a place to try their hands at paint ceramic wares or pottery, children will truly fall in love with this cool place. What is more, their pizzas, burgers and pasta are worth dying for! Check out this spot if you have not already! Return gifts may be collected after seven days as the little painted creations pass through kiln-firing over a period of one week. Quite a keepsake, right?


Gubacheez is indeed a haven for kids. When they are in the area of play, the odds are that you’ll have to find yourself some activity to engage in and then later beg them to be out so as for you to carry on with food and cake-cutting. You can’t blame them; they just want to remain in this fun play zone! Gubacheez has plenty of open fields, an amazing time for everybody!

Cavalry Cottage

Cavalry Cottage is a fruit orchard with a vegetable garden, myriad trees, pakmn35edr6y27du82i29ddy patch, floral gardens, water feature and coffee plants – yes, your children will enjoy it all! Super amusing, this spot is a “must party” place. Another amazing thing about this place is that you can have your theme parties, but odds are you will not want them.

Cubbon Park

Let us not forget our great old Cubbon-Park. It remains a favorite for some fun under the sun. Football, Frisbees, trees and chirping birds are what greets you when you visit this super cool landmark.

This is really what birthday celebration in Bangalore are all about- awesome, magical times. It is time to take your child back to your roots with all these fresh air-filled and serene places to choose from.